The founders of 77 Diamonds, Tobias Kormind and Vadim Weinig, came together in 2006 with a dream to sell diamond jewellery online. The ambition was not only to offer the largest selection of diamonds in the world, but also to manufacture the jewellery to such high standards combined with a market leading service that could outcompete even the finest branded jewellery companies. Today, the partners have managed to become to leading independent online diamond jellewer in the UK and Europe, offering customers a luxury experience at reasonable prices. WWW.77DIAMONDS.COM


APOF – “a piece of favorite” –  is a Danish brand created by the sisters Frederikke and Kathrine Hviid. APOF is based on the idea of creating the favorites that we all have in our closets. The pieces that we love to wear forever.  Collections are well thought out and always carefully processed and connected by the strong DNA of APOF with a recognizable design line, humor and quality. Production is placed in Europe where we can produce smaller quantities and preserve a close cooperation around design and quality with the manufacturers. WWW.APOF.DK


The renowed Danish brand was established in 1945 and is today still making beautiful tailor-made clothes for a selected client base, including the Royal Danish Court. The daughter of Celli Freifeldt, Annette Freifeldt has taken over the company and head of designs. All is tailor-made in-house at the atelier in the heart of Copenhagen. The designs are classic; only using the finest materials such as silk and cashmere.


Ellies and Ivy is a Danish brand layered in color, built from intuition, and a reflection of bohemian luxury. Based in Denmark, but approached through the lens of the world, Ellies and Ivy has built relationships with some of the finest vintage sari distributors in India. They work exclusively with 100% silk or cotton garments, which are handpicked by the Ellies and Ivy team. It’s these vintage staples for Indian women that are made new again through the feminine, to-the-point shapes of Ellies and Ivy designs. WWW.ELLIESANDIVY.COM


Haniel Khamseh and Niels Monies is the duo behind Haniel Jewelry. Their harmonious tie is reflected in the jewelry they make together: Elegantly classic with a quirky twist, focusing on the detail that is never conspicuously fashy, but which you know is there. Quality is never compromised – all jewels are designed and forged in Copenhagen, made with precious gemstones and 18-karat solid gold. Haniel Jewelry cultivates fine craftsmanship, sustainability and ethical materials, creating in compliance with the celebrated Scandinavian standards. WWW.HANIELJEWELRY.COM


Hôtel Vetements is a French fashion brand by Alexandra Hartmann that creates unique handmade clothing. The unique pieces were at first made of old curtains from hotels in Paris and gave the name Hôtel to the brand. Hôtel’s collections explore the art of memory and storytelling. The stories are woven into the fabrics, discarded vintage embroidered cotton sheets from Provence, one of a kind vintage curtains and bed covers, Genoa velours and French tapestry. Every piece of fabric is handpicked with the intention to make something special. WWW.HOTELVETEMENTS.COM


The French label Indress was launched in 2000 with the simple idea of creating absolute ‘must have’ products that weren’t to be found in the shops. Starting out with a single piece, they added another product each season until 2005 when they presented their first complete collection of 25 pieces. Indress’ products are thoughtfully designed, carefully made and always available in a range of truly distinctive colours. WWW.INDRESS.NET


It all began in 2010 when Malene Hocke decided to focus completely on her great passion for accessories and clothes. The mission has since then been to bring international trends from all over the world to Denmark and create luxury everyone can afford. The result has been strong collections that can bring something extra to your look. The designs are feminine, elegant and chic and produced by only the best in India. WWW.MALENEHOCKE.COM


Milanese brand Maria La Rosa produces exclusive, unique and limited edition handcrafted accessories developed from a multi-disciplinary approach to traditional Sicilian weaving techniques known for centuries. All textiles are made in Italy exclusively by hand on big antique looms. The collections are produced in limited quantities, as each design is handmade and of high quality. WWW.MARIALAROSA.IT


MOLIIN was founded in 2013 by Lotte Moliin. With a great experience in the fashion industry, and with a desire to create a feminine collection twisted with a raw and cool attitude she established her own collection and brand. Always inspired by the lifestyle of the city, the collection dresses the modern woman who seeks a contemporary expression. The graphic design plays an important role as well as the casual and sporty approach in style. The collection is made in high quality materials and the focus is kept to treat each garment in the right way. WWW.MOLIIN.COM


From conception to production, neubau eyewear is an Austrian product, combining an urban way of life with innovative design and ecologically sustainable manufacturing. Neubau wants to keep improving their aim to make spectacles that don’t just measure up to aesthetic and practical needs but also to ecological standards. This is how spectacles for comfortable daily wear are made that are both light in weight and of the highest quality in fnish, perfectly tailored to a modern, urban clientele, as befts the inspiration behind the brand. WWW.NEUBAU-EYEWEAR.COM


For more than 15 years Notabene has been supplying boots, bootlets, pumps, sneakers and sandals. It is a combination of the finest Italian craftsmanship and solid Danish design, produced in the shoe heartland of Italy. All products are handcrafted with contemporary trends and tendencies in mind, but always with a touch of classic elements. This means that Notabene shoes won’t go out of fashion next season, or the season after. WWW.NOTABENE.DK


All products from Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur are designed and developed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their styles are simple and classic but with a fun twist. They focus on creating cool everyday must-have items within the outerwear and accessory categories that you will love for years to come, with a humorous and innovative furry twist. All of their fur is bought from Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house. Owned by Danish fur breeders, Kopenhagen Fur is the leading provider of fur, recognized for its exceptional quality. OHBYKOPENHAGENFUR.COM


Silhouete has been seting benchmarks for style, comfort and material since 1964. The eyewear creates perfect unity with the wearer and, as a result, allows the wearer’s individual beauty and strong personality to shine. The most demanding requirements in terms of design and quality combine with the demand to bring the world closer to the wearer. Consistent clarity and weightlessness – a timeless statement. Authentic eyewear for authentic people. WWW.SILHOUETTE.COM


VILLAO was established in 2006 and has since created simple, durable designs of the ultimate cashmere quality. The collections focus on “everyday essentials” such as cardigans pullovers and scarves. The love for simplicity shines through in every detail of the designs. All designs are clean-cut wardrobe essentials that will bring your wardrobe to completion. WWW.VILLAO.DK